Low Cost & Dependable Manufacturing It Solutions!

The automotive industry is facing challenging times. While on one hand consumers demand better features and functionalities, on the other regulations and compliance norms have become stringent & the raw material prices have escalated. This is one of the main reasons, automotive OEMs & Tier 1s are moving from High-Cost-Centers to Low-Cost-Centers in a pursuit to build better products at a faster pace and lower costs.

Today’s collaborative manufacturing industry, needs to implement innovative enterprise-wide manufacturing IT solutions in the verticals of Automotive, Industrials and Hi-Tech, to face the challenges of shrinking lifecycles, faster time-to-market, global sourcing and mass customization. Process-centric manufacturing IT solutions and expertise in Supply Chain Management (SCM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), etc., most definitely help manufacturing companies in leveraging their productivity, profitability and help achieve new levels of efficiency.

Partnering with global manufacturing organizations ensures the products reach their target market faster because of their globalizes processes which is a reflection of domain-intensive technology, process expertise and uncompromising quality standards. Industry specific knowledge coupled with technology expertise ensures the manufacturing execution systems are in place to deliver real value for manufacturing business.

The challenge to globalize product development, blend product architectures, manage global inventory and, build and manage a global work force, highlights the need of a domain champion with extensive experience in the automotive eco-system, and with the ability to innovate faster while reducing manufacturing overheads in the automobile industry.

Adapting to speed & technology are the critical factors in every aspect of customers business – new products launches, services, cutting edge technologies, gaming solutions, etc. all of which require excellence in speed. The obvious expected extension is having a partner who would not only comply with the pace but even excel in manufacturing operations management.